Course Overview

Technical analysis is accurate, unemotional, highly profitable and is as close as you can get to a scientific approach to investing and trading.

Yet in today’s turbulent markets, where decisions have become more complex and the overwhelming flood of information more difficult to assimilate, many investors place their hard-earned money into a very professional market and lack a complete knowledge of this powerful technique or even have a basic understanding of a planned approach to investing in the stock market.

Who should enrol?

This practical, engaging, and interactive workshop uses a live market simulation program, allowing delegates to trade in a simulated environment and get to grips with the concepts of technical analysis whilst deploying their newly acquired knowledge in real life market conditions.

  • All levels of the Treasury and trading teams

  • Private Investors

  • Portfolio Managers

  • Forex, Fixed income, Commodity and Equity market traders

Course curriculum

    1. Market psychology towards risk

    2. A quick question?

    3. Managing your trade outcomes

    4. The basic principles of technical analysis

    5. The technicians tools for managing risk

    6. Stop-loss management technique

    7. Example of using stop losses

    8. Assignment | Stop-loss techniques

    1. The creation of support

    2. The creation of resistance

    3. Role reversing | Support becoming resistance and resistance becoming support

    4. Trendline trading techniques

    5. Assignment | Trading on trendlines

    1. Managing the different timeframes

    2. Creating your trading map

    3. Assignment | A trading map

    1. Validating Moving Average signals

    2. Assignment | Trading with Moving Averages

    3. Understanding Momentum

    4. Setting up your Momentum indicator

    5. Trading with Momentum

    6. Assignment | Trading using Momentum

    7. Understanding and using the Relative Strength Index (RSI)

    8. Analysing a chart with multiple indicators in 2 minutes

    9. Assignment | Trading using Relative Strength Index

    10. Understanding Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)

    11. Trading with MACD

    12. Assignment | Trading using MACD

    1. Key Reversals

    2. Head and Shoulders

About this course

  • $499.00
  • 40 lessons
  • 6.5 hours of video content


Charts cannot guarantee a winner every time, but here are some of the things they can do:

  • They can help determine the overall strength or weakness of the market, sector, or share.

  • They can help determine when to buy and when to sell, by indicating probable levels of support and resistance and signalling trend reversals.

  • They can call attention by unusual volume or price behaviour – to something happening in an individual company that can be most rewarding.

  • They help determine the current trend – up or down or sideways – and whether the trend is slowing down or accelerating.

  • They provide a life history of a stock, currency or commodity at a glance and demonstrate whether one is buying on a rally or on a reaction, at a support level or at a resistance level, and whether the price is historically high or low.

Pricing Options

There are three different options

  • $499.00

    $499.00The Technical Trader

    Online, self-study course including recorded video lessons, module quizzes and mock exams.
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  • $549.00

    $549.00LIVE - The Technical Trader

    Only attend the 4xLIVE 3hr interactive, intstructor led sessions.
    Next session starting Monday, 23 August 2022 | 13h00 CAT
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  • $849.00

    $849.00ACI Diploma Bundle

    Get the full course, including mock exam and 4xLIVE 3h interactive sessions with instructor worth $499.
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Meet who you will learn with

Yonatan Rom

Course Director

In 2000 Yonatan developed the first online, interactive technical analysis course in Africa, where the delegate, in the comfort of their office or home can work through this comprehensive course at a time and pace that suits them. Yonatan also authored a book called The Winning Edge - A basic guide to technical analysis, trading and implementation of trading systems. During 2002 - 2009 Yonatan was instrumental in the growth of Standard Bank Online Share Trading by providing educational courses to their clients in the basics of investing and a practical full day class on technical analysis. Yonatan was a regular guest on Classic FM Radio as well CNBC Africa In 2013, Yonatan together with ICAP South Africa formed ICAP Training Solutions, which provides financial market training to market participants within corporates and banks. “Our goal is to provide a holistic one-stop-shop training solution for all our clients by providing them with a combination of face-to-face as well online, interactive learning.

Social proof: testimonials

“The workshop gives a practical approach to technical trading and is worth it.”

Mwansa Bantubonse | Relationship Manager

“An amazing course that demystified and simplified technical analysis.”

Corneliuus Mushi | Trader

“World Renowned!!”

Nermes Lasway | Senior Trader

“This course increased my understanding of looking at the market in a holistic. Looking at the short- and medium-term view relative to the longer term.”

Mubezi Brian Lwakabare | FX Trader

“A very insightful workshop, especially for traders are tarting their careers. Excellent and well arranged curriculum.”

Magdelena Neema Martin | Fx and MM trader

“It was a great experience to learn technical analysis while simulating”

Saida Nurudini | Fx Dealer

“A definite must! Attend the workshop. Extremely informative, and enhances ones skills in trading.”

Mubanga Bwalya | Fx Trader

“This course not only met my expectations but exceeded them. I now have a much better grasp of concept that I previously thought I knew. It has provided me with the comfort and knowledge using technically Analysis on my own, instead of solely relying on reports”

Qiniso Mazibuko | Junior Trader

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