Workshop Structure

6 live sessions held twice a week for 3hrs

Sessions include short breaks, case studies, exercises, and Q & A's.
Live Session links are provided for within the eLearning platform.
Webinars are recorded and uploaded to the eLearning platform for further review.
Delegates will have licensed access to these recordings as well as all eLearning material, workbooks & slides.

Who should enrol?

  • Compliance

  • Credit

  • Customer Facing Relationship Managers

  • Global Markets

  • Legal

  • Senior Managers and similar Executives

  • Trade Finance Specialists

Course curriculum

    1. How to navigate through this course

    2. Course Overview

    3. Important dats and times

    1. LIVE WORKSHOP | Evolution and current developments | Global Supply Chains | he traditional three bands of clients | Typical users of Trade Finance products and services

    2. RECORDED WORKSHOP | 01 August 2023 | 13h00 - 16h00 SAST

    3. RECORDED WORKSHOP | 03 August 2023 | 13h00 - 16h00 SAST


    1. LIVE WORKSHOP || Understanding, identifying & managing | Credit, market & operational risk | Sovereign, political & country risk | Bank risk | Corporate & other critical risks | Importer & Exporter risk | Other risks in the transaction | Risk mitigation

    2. RECORDED WORKSHOP | 08 August 2023 | 13h00 - 16h00 SAST

    3. RECORDED WORKSHOP | 10 August 2023 | 13h00 - 16h00 SAST


    1. LIVE WORKSHOP || The big picture | Understanding the purpose of borrowing | Coutnry risk issues | Currency risk | The reality of title and control | Negotiation under letters of credit | Discounting of deferred payment L/C, acceptance credits

    2. RECORDED WORKSHOP | 15 August 2023 | 13h00 - 16h00 SAST

    3. RECORDED WORKSHOP | 17 August 2023 | 13h00 - 16h00 SAST


    1. Congrats! Here's what's next...

    2. Before you go...

About this course

  • $649.00
  • 17 lessons
  • 9h (3 x 3h) of live facilitator led sessions
  • Supporting workbooks & slides
  • Access replays and course materials for 30 days after last live session

Key Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course delegates will:

  • Understand

    What is happening in the global trade finance market right now and how institutions are responding, why open account trading dominates global trade despite the textbook definition of it being most risky for the seller 

  • Empower

    Delegates to become better practitioners and master an understanding of the supply chain management and finance

  • Demonstrate

    How trade finance works at an advanced level by going beyond just a list of payment methods and their feature and to gain a better understanding of how customers perceive risk and the paradoxes this can create

  • Understand

    That done well, trade finance is normally very low risk for credit losses and is usually very profitable, the risk-based approach and the impact on trade finance

  • Appreciate

    Why the letter of credit payment mechanism refuses to die despite numerous predictions to the contrary and the trade finance cycle including break-even analysis

  • Recognise

    The burdens on trade finance as it is recognised – rightly – as being high risk for money laundering, especially layering and realise sanctions are now mainstream considerations

  • Understand and identify

    The traditional risks, review the key products and how the customer analyses his risk

  • Learn

    About the traditional letters of credit and the four contract concept, exporting finance issues and controlling credit exposure and explore standby letters of credit which dominate bank supported trade and explore the effective use of collections for short-term finance

  • Get to grips

    With the international demand and contact guarantees/bonds, DDD, FATF, TI, CPI and their impact


Who you will learn with

Mark Andrews

Course Director

After a highly successful “fast track” career in risk management in Lloyds Bank which led him to very senior management at an early age, Our expert course presenter was then “head hunted” to join a merchant bank at main board director level to head the risk management function. Mark now has over 40 years’ experience in managing risk in the UK banking and financial services sector.
Mark has been a freelance risk management training consultant since retiring and is currently an external Master Trainer at both HSBC and Bank of China where he has delivered major projects on a wide range of topics. At HSBC he helped design their global flagship Risk Management Program for senior middle managers and has delivered this globally for the past 5 years. He has also created and delivered training to a vast range of clients, from global giants to small firms and partnerships. He is an accomplished global trainer and has delivered extensive programs in the UK, USA, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East

Social proof: testimonials

“It was fantastic, very educational, detailed with great live examples. The facilitator did a great job to manage the entire team and to make the session interactive and fun, the webinar was not tiring, where one had a network challenge there was a backup catch up session with the recorded sessions which is great.”

Christabel Hiza | NMB Bank

“Relevant and very appropriate in today's world of Trade Finance. These kind of trainings should come more regular in order to add more competencies while approaching the market particularly in the aspect of Trade Finance. ”

Christopher Mwalugenge | NMB Tanzania

“Anyone interested in International Trade should attend this workshop. It was a great eye opening workshop especially for me who is not dealing with Trade Finance on a daily basis. ”

Bosco Abubakar Mtiga | NMB Tanzania

“Very good experience. Mark was a great facilitator. I thoroughly enjoyed. I wish we had arranged to be at the academy to have the full experience. However the notes were very helpful. ”

Norma Shindika | NMB Tanzania

“ content coverage was sufficient, examples and case studies were direct to the point, the facilitator/trainer is friendly, engaging and very detailed. would love to have more advanced training with Icap. ”

Agnes Nyanzala | NMB Tanzania

“I loved it. It was very educational. ”

Janet Mosha | NMB Tanzania

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