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The International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) Master Agreement is a foundational document in the world of financial derivatives. This comprehensive course aims to provide participants with a deep understanding of the ISDA Master Agreement, its structure, key provisions, and the legal and operational aspects associated with it.

Who should enrol?

This course is designed for professionals in the financial industry, including lawyers, risk managers, traders, and operations staff, who want to gain a comprehensive understanding of the ISDA Master Agreement and its implications in derivative transactions.

  • Compliance and Legal staff

  • Audit staff

  • Credit and Senior dealers

  • Back office staff

Course objectives

  • To introduce participants to the world of financial derivatives and their importance in the global financial markets.

  • To provide a detailed overview of the ISDA Master Agreement, its history, and its significance in the derivatives industry.

  • To explore the structure and key components of the ISDA Master Agreement.

  • To examine the legal and operational implications of using the ISDA Master Agreement in derivative transactions.

  • To familiarize participants with common market practices and documentation standards related to ISDA agreements.

  • To discuss the role of ISDA in standardizing derivative documentation and promoting market efficiency.

  • To analyze case studies and real-world examples of ISDA Master Agreement usage.

Course curriculum

Purchase 10hrs of live facilitator led sessions.

    1. How to navigate through this course

    2. Course overview

    3. Course materials

    4. LIVE sessions | Important times and dates

    1. ISDA Masterclass Oct23 | Slide Presentation | Webinar 1

    2. LIVE WORKSHOP | Introduction to ISDA | the purpose of ISDA | why we need ISDA | Gross vs Net Exposure

    3. RECORDED WORKSHOP | 10 October 2023

    1. ISDA Masterclass Oct23 | Slide Presentation | Webinar 2

    2. LIVE WORKSHOP | Negative Interest Protocols Recap | Introduction to events of default | Failure to pay or deliver | Breach or repudiation |Credit support default |Default under specified assumption| Cross default| Bankruptcy|Merger without assumption.

    3. RECORDED WORKSHOP | 17 October 2023

    1. ISDA Masterclass Oct23 | Slide Presentation | Webinar 3

    2. LIVE WORKSHOP | Introduction to termination events | Illegality | Force Majeure | Tax events

    3. RECORDED WORKSHOP | 31 October 2023

    1. ISDA Masterclass Oct23 | Slide Presentation | Webinar 4

    2. LIVE WORKSHOP | Credit Support Annex | Initial and Variation Margin | Operational Risk Management | The ISDA Documentation Architecture | The commonly Negotiated Sections | The Negotiation Process

    3. RECORDED WORKSHOP | 07 November 2023

    1. ISDA Masterclass Oct23 | ISDA Documentation | Webinar 5

    2. LIVE WORKSHOP | Mock ISDA Schedule and the Master Agreement 2002

    3. RECORDED WORKSHOP | 21 November 2023

About this course

  • $549.00
  • 21 lessons
  • 10h (5 x 2h) of live facilitator led sessions
  • Supporting workbooks & slides
  • Access replays and course materials for 30 days after last live session


Paul Clifton

Course Director

Paul is a lawyer who specialises in Derivatives, Derivatives Law, Derivatives Documentation, and Derivatives Regulatory. His company, provides legal, structuring and operational advice in relation to over-the-counter derivatives and exchange traded products to users of derivatives. Paul had done this for investment banks as an in-house lawyer for over sixteen years (five years in London and eleven years in Johannesburg). He is currently Head of Legal for Global Markets for one of South Africa’s big 4 banks where he’s Responsible for the full legal support of the banks Global Markets business across all asset classes and regions (including the UK and Africa).

Testimonials from past students

“The training was insightful and knowledgeable to my role.”

Sizimutela Chitundu | FNB Zambia

“Enlightening and very informative for persons who have any interaction or engagement with ISDA documentation.”

Christian Witila | Absa Africa

“I would recommend the workshop.”

Joseph Ndirangu | Equity Bank

“Well taught training facilitator with indepth knowledege activity, topic”

Bernard Tieku-Anokye | Societe Generale

“Paul was superb,clarity when needed. ! Excellent”

Lawrence Kpabiteh | GN Bank Ghana Ltd.

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