Workshops Structure

4 live sessions held once a week for 3hrs

These sessions will include short breaks, case studies, exercises, and Q & A sessions.
Live webinars will be recorded and uploaded to the eLearning platform.
Delegates will have licensed access to these recordings as well as eLearning material, workbooks & slides.

Course Summary

This highly interactive workshop has been prepared for the financial services industry generally (not just banks) and is suitable for all financial institutions with AML obligations.

Following the Fourth, Fifth and 6th Money Laundering Directives, the scope of the regulations together with its requirements has been widened considerably. We will consider the challenges of current AML requirements, what needs to be in place, how to comply and what must be done to discharge the requirements of AML , CTF & Sanctions rules fully. The learning is continuously enhanced using real case studies which illustrate the points being debated/discussed.

Who should enrol?

  • Money Laundering Reporting Officers (MLRO) and their deputies

  • Central Bank and regulators’ staff

  • Staff that deal with clients on a day to day basis

  • Internal auditors

  • Compliance specialists

  • Risk Managers

  • Financial Crime Managers

  • Nominated Officers

  • All levels of the Treasury and trading teams

  • Private investors

Course curriculum

    1. How to navigate through this course

    2. Course overview

    3. Course objectives

    4. Important dates and times

    1. LIVE SESSION 1 | 06 September

    1. LIVE SESSION 2 | 20 September 2023

    2. RECORDED SESSION 2 | 20 September 2023

    1. LIVE SESSION 3 | 27 September 2023

    2. RECORDED SESSION 3 | 27 September 2023

    1. LIVE WORKSHOP | 04 October 2023

    2. RECORDED WORKSHOP | 04 October 2023

    1. Congrats! Here's what's next...

    2. Before you go...

About this course

  • $449.00
  • 13 lessons
  • 12h (4 x 3h) of live facilitator led sessions
  • Supporting workbooks & slides
  • Access replays and course materials for 30 days after last live session

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Keep delegates up to date with the latest regulatory requirements and what is necessary to have in place to meet them
    Recognise that regulation is ever-changing with no sign of it easing in the foreseeable future. This means that the sooner FCC & AML can be embedded into “business as usual” the better

  • Appreciate why AML & FCC matters including the consequences of getting it wrong both financially and more importantly, for many, reputational
    Recognise the latest methods of Money Laundering, how to spot them, how to manage and mitigate the risks and how to instill a culture of compliance including a positive approach to AML responsibilities at all levels, in practice

  • Understand who sets the rules and enforces them
    Appreciate what are best practice guidelines versus mandatory requirements
    Understand the three lines of defense plus two model and its effectiveness in managing AML risks

  • Appreciate the critical importance of an approach
    Deal with high-risk clients including PEPs
    The significance of the requirements of MLR 2017

  • The 5-year of new emerging technologies
    The importance of adhering to sanction requirements
    Counter Terrorist financing – the differences from AML and the challenges

  • Suspicion and the escalation process. Transaction monitoring, SAR’s
    Managing to tip-off risk
    Examples of FCC poor practice – easy mistakes to make
    Cyber risks


Who you will learn with

Mark Andrews

Course Director

After a highly successful “fast track” career in risk management in Lloyds Bank which led him to very senior management at an early age, Our expert course presenter was then “head hunted” to join a merchant bank at main board director level to head the risk management function. Mark now has over 40 years’ experience in managing risk in the UK banking and financial services sector.
Mark has been a freelance risk management training consultant since retiring and is currently an external Master Trainer at both HSBC and Bank of China where he has delivered major projects on a wide range of topics. At HSBC he helped design their global flagship Risk Management Program for senior middle managers and has delivered this globally for the past 5 years. He has also created and delivered training to a vast range of clients, from global giants to small firms and partnerships. He is an accomplished global trainer and has delivered extensive programs in the UK, USA, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East

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