Course Overview

This course will focus on delegates gaining a practical understanding of how no single product created by a bank stands in isolation and how the actions of a salesperson could either mitigate the risk, or worst, contribute to it.

The success of any Treasury Sales resource revolves around one key theme, understanding the client’s business risks and resultant requirements and being able to solution the most appropriate product or service to mitigate these risks and requirements.

Who should enrol?

What most salespeople lack, is the ability to step outside of their own respective product or service area, viewing a client’s risk on a holistic basis and being able to deliver the bank to the client in a product-neutral manner.

  • Front Office Sales at Banks

  • Treasury and Trade Solutions Sales Staff

  • Operations staff moving into a Front Office role

  • Support areas (such as credit, legal and compliance)

  • Corporate Treasury Staff

Course curriculum

    1. Course Overview

    1. Client - Internal Focus

    2. Client - External Focus

    3. Meet your client...practical

    4. The Impact of Hedging on Credit Lines

    5. Client Hedging Decisions

    1. Basic Interest Rate Calculations

    2. Broken Dates - Straight Line Interpolation

    3. Interest Rates (Yield vs Discount)

    4. Money Market Instruments

    5. Forward Forwards

    6. Forward Rate Agreements FRAs

    7. Interest Rate Swaps

    8. Foreign Exchange Spot Tickets

    9. Foreign Exchange Practical Recap

    10. Forward Exchange Contracts

    11. FX Swaps

    12. Options

    1. Understanding the impact of FX on a business

    2. External funding and its impact on a business

    3. Alternative Funding Strategies - Unlocking working capital

    4. Borrowing against the forwards

    5. Finding the most optimum way of hedging risk

    6. Structured hedging solutions beyond FECs

    7. International trade finance

    8. So where are the opportunities?

    9. Understanding cash flow management

    10. Preparing the client's presentation

    1. Commodity Hedging

    2. The commodity forward markets

    3. Commodity specific risks

    1. Your client | East African Manufacturing Co (EAM)

    2. East African Manufacturing Co (EAM)

    3. Quiz

About this course

  • $399.00
  • 34 lessons
  • 9.5 hours of video content


This comprehensive workshop will provide attendees with:

  • A thorough understanding of the business risks and requirements of their clients.

  • The knowledge to suggest the most appropriate product or service to address a client’s need.

  • The ability to recognize opportunities to gain market share for their bank.

  • The tools to formulate ways in which they can assist clients better, due to a thorough understanding of where a client comes from.


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Meet who you will learn with

Billy Viljoen

Course Director

Billy has over 20 years of experience in the financial markets. He currently acts as a consultant to some of South Africa’s major corporate clients on treasury risk management. He has held senior positions at two of South Africa’s major financial institutions both in South Africa and New York with the most recent being director and head of FX Options sales at ABSA Capital where he was responsible for the bank’s FX structuring business across South Africa. He is considered a subject matter expert in foreign exchange derivatives Billy through his years has obtained unparalleled dynamic hedging experience as a corporate client advisor and derivative structurer to clients located across Africa, Europe and the Americas.

Social proof: testimonials

“A great refresher!”

Debbie Hite | Nedbank South Africa | Senior Dealer

“Great introduction course!”

Phathu Matamela | Nedbank south Africa | Trainee Dealer

“Execellent course, I would highly recommend”

Siphosomhle Kamkam | Absa Africa | FX Trader

“The workshop was informative and helped me to gain a better understanding of trade and treasury products that will help me to cross sell to my clients.”

Shazmir Dhanji | Equity Bank Kenya | Business Growth

“The workshop was a great refresher and eye opener of treasury products. It improve my knowledge and skills in treasury product as we encounter/engage clients in the market. Handling clients dealing with international trade and FX made easier. I highly recommend the course to all staff in front office and marketing for cross selling and advisory services.”

Reuben Kimutai Ruttoh | Equity Bank Kenya | Business Growth

“It was very detailed, informative and would highly recommend attending.”

Irene Wanjiru Irungu | Equity Bank Kenya | Business Growth

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