About the course

This course provides an in-depth introduction to Asset and Liability Management (ALM), a critical function within the financial industry. ALM is a strategic approach to managing the risks arising from a bank or financial institution's assets and liabilities. It involves optimizing the composition of a firm's assets and liabilities to achieve its financial goals while ensuring regulatory compliance and risk mitigation.

Who should enrol?

This course will equip you with the foundational knowledge and skills required to excel in ALM, whether you are a finance professional, risk manager, or aspiring to work in the financial sector.

  • Finance Profesionals

  • Risk Managers

  • Bankers and Financial Advisors

  • Regulatory and Compliance Professionals

Course curriculum

    1. How to navigate through this course

    2. Introduction to ALM

    3. Meet your instructor

    1. Bank's business model explained

    2. The different types of Banks

    3. Financial Intermediation defined

    4. Module 1 | Test your knowledge

    1. Scope of Banking Activites

    2. The Bank's Balance Sheet Structure

    3. Banks' Balance Sheet Structure

    4. Module 2 | Test your knowledge

    1. Understanding Asset and Liability Management

    2. The ALM Organisation

    3. The history of ALM

    4. Key Concepts - The ALM Organisation

    5. ALM Information Systems

    6. Module 3 | Test your knowledge

    1. Liquidity Risk

    2. Liquidity Risk Concepts

    3. A liquidity management process

    4. Structural Mismatch

    5. Bank Liquidity Risk Principle 1

    6. Behavioural Liquidity Risk

    7. Bank Liquidity Risk Principles 2 - 5

    8. Long term funding ratios

    9. Bank Liquidity Risk Principles 6 and 7

    10. Diversification of funding sources

    11. Bank Liquidity Risk Principles 8, 9 and 10

    12. Stress testing and scenario testing

    13. Basel summary

    14. Module 4 | Test your knowledge

    1. Bank Interest Rate Risk Management

    2. Principles of Bank Interest Rate Risk Management

    3. The trading book VS the banking book

    4. Interest Rate Risk measurement

    5. Measuring Interest Rate Risk

    6. ALCO Strategies to hedge banking book interest rates

    7. Repricing Gap Analysis

    8. Funds Transfer Pricing (FTP)

    9. Module 5 | Test your knowledge

About this course

  • $399.00
  • 46 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content


Meet who you will learn with

Pierre Mananga

Course Director

Pierre, is an analytical and skilled professional with 11 years’ of comprehensive experience in Financial Banking Operations. He boasts vast knowledge in overseeing Corporate Investments, Life Insurance, Risk Management and Liquidity Processes. Well-versed in developing and implementing both daily and long term strategies aimed at Business efficiency and growth. He possesses a strong Mathematical background which enables him to find solutions to an increasing number of problems. Knowledgeable in handling large amounts of data from diverse Financial Applications and Databases, analysis of Data, Trends, preparing a full range of Reports and forecasting Cash Flow, Expenses, and Sales Projections.

Social proof: testimonials

“We love the Battle of the Bank$ Competition because its all about empowering Banks and empowering people that work in Banks to think about the broader business and need to think like business owners.”

Sneha Shah, Managing Director, Global Head of Risk Managed Services| Refinitiv

“"You have to do it, it will only help you best understand why we are here, what is expected of us and how we can add value"”

Caroline Kamerika, Client Portfolio Manager | FNB Namibia

“Iencourage my colleagues to participate, the course/competitions was a great learning platform that allowed me to broaden my horizons and also to get to know my team mates better.”

Riccardo Mbaiz, Settlements Specialist| RMB Namibia

“I will highly recommend him/her to consider the option of joining the competition because the learning and imparted knowledge is vast and not to be missed.

The course was intense. The presenters have vast knowledge on the subject matters and I will highly recommend anyone intending to upskill him or herself. ”

Lahja M. Hailulu Trustee Servises | RMB Namibia

““I have ve been in Banking for close to 10 years and I didn’t know that there was so much I didn’t know about the rest of the bank, or why my CEO makes the decisions he makes! But after going through the Battle of the Banks, I now understand the reasoning.””

Adedayo Adeyanju, Credit Analysis, Credit Risk-Control | GT Bank NIgeria

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