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ACI Dealing Certificate
ACI Operations Certificate
ACI Diploma
ACI FX Global Code Certificate

The ACI Operations Certificate is designed for:

The ACI Certifications have become mandatory in many regions for wholesale foreign exchange and money market professionals.

  • Recent entrants and junior dealers in the Global and Treasury markets

  • Middle office and operations personnel

  • Compliance and risk officers

  • Risk and compliance officers

Course curriculum

    1. Learning objectives and workbook

    2. Market participants and the Central Bank

    3. The treasury department

    4. The anatomy of a trade

    5. Deal capture and confirmations

    6. Midway recap | Some sample exam questions

    7. Settlement and netting

    8. Continuous Linked Settlements (CLS)

    9. Payments and clearing

    10. Reconciliations and investigations

    11. Brokerage account reconciliation

    12. Market guidance

    13. Test your knowledge - FInancial Markets Environment Quiz

    1. Learning objectives and workbook

    2. Quoting conventions and day reference of a trade

    3. Forward exchange contracts (FECs)

    4. Managing open FECs

    5. Historical Rollover

    6. Commodities,a precious metal transaction and the metals market

    7. Worked examples (A)

    8. Worked examples (B)

    9. Test your Knowledge - Foreign Exchange

    1. Learning objectives and workbook

    2. Money market securities & day base conventions

    3. Interest rate calculations

    4. Discount yield calculations

    5. Money market instruments

    6. Discount and yield instruments

    7. Sample exam questions

    8. Capital markets, bond definitions & bond pricing

    9. Sample exam questions

    10. Repurchase agreements

    11. Discount, premium, par bonds and the yield curve

    12. Sample exam questions

    13. Test your Knowledge - Rates (money and Interest Rates

    1. Learning objectives and workbook

    2. The futures market

    3. Forward rate agreements

    4. Interest rate swaps

    5. FX Options

    6. Interest rate options

    7. Sample exam questions

    8. Test your Knowledge - FICC Derivatives

    1. Learning objectives and workbook

    2. Risk

    3. Risk control | Risk models | Disaster recovery

    4. Treasury management systems and data management

    5. Test your Knowledge - Financial Markets Applications

About this course

  • 59 lessons
  • 12.5 hours of video content
  • Content available for 12 months from date of purchase

There are five core subject areas:

  • Financial Markets Environment

    The overall objective of this topic is for candidates to understand the structure of financial markets

  • Foreign Exchange

    The overall objective of this topic is for candidates to explain the characteristics of the main instruments in foreign exchange (including Non-deliverable Forwards) and precious metals, their features, responsibilities, and associated settlement processes.

  • Rates (Money and Interest Rate Markets)

    The overall objective of this topic is for candidates to explain the characteristics of the main instruments in money markets and interest rate capital markets (including Islamic money market instruments, short term securities instruments, notes and bonds, repos and securities financing transactions), their features, responsibilities and associated settlement processes.

  • FICC (Fixed Income, Currency and Commodities) Derivatives

    The overall objective of this topic is for candidates to explain the characteristics of the main Exchange Traded and Over-The-Counter (OTC) Derivatives, their features, responsibilities and associated settlement processes.

  • Financial Markets Application

    The overall objective of this topic is for candidates to understand the importance that risk has in defining the financial institutions‘ business models.

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Meet who you will learn with

Billy Viljoen

Course Director

Billy has over 20 years of experience in the financial markets. He currently acts as a consultant to some of South Africa’s major corporate clients on treasury risk management. He has held senior positions at two of South Africa’s major financial institutions both in South Africa and New York with the most recent being director and head of FX Options sales at ABSA Capital where he was responsible for the bank’s FX structuring business across South Africa. He is considered a subject matter expert in foreign exchange derivatives Billy through his years has obtained unparalleled dynamic hedging experience as a corporate client advisor and derivative structurer to clients located across Africa, Europe and the Americas.

Social proof: testimonials

“The course was very insightful with relevant examples provided during the training. The material shared was applicable in the scenarios and it made the training practical. The training pack is excellent and can be used as a reference in the future.”

Ontibile Baakile, Finance Director | BancABC

“The workshop exceeded my expectations and improved my Knowledge. I will definitely recommend it to my other colleagues.”

Candice C.H Nyamuda | BancABC

“A very informative and well run workshop. Highly recommend! ”

Karin Hendrickz | AECI

“WOW! I highly recommend to anyone who needs more understanding of financial instruments.”

Thuli Poktia | Aluwani Capital Partners

“It is a really eye opening program, and extremely important for any Financial Market Dealer. ”

Akeem Akorede | United Bank of Africa

FAQ about the ACI Exams

ACI Dealing Certificate, the ACI Operations Certificate, the ACI Diploma and the FX Gllobal Code Certificate.

  • Do I need to be a member of the ACI to take the exam?

    No, anyone may take the exam.

  • How do I become an ACI member?

    To join, please go to for more information.

  • Where can I take the exam?

    The exam is computerised. You can take it at any of the many testing centres around the world. If you need help finding a testing centre, please email us.

  • How much does the exam cost?

    The Dealing Certificate exam EUR 230 for ACI members and EUR 280 for Non-members

    The Diploma costs EUR 350

    The Operations Certificate EUR 230 for ACI members and EUR 280 for Non-members.

  • May I take a calculator to the exam?

    Yes you are allowed a calculator. Most 'normal' calculators are acceptable - choices range from Hewlett Packard HP12C, HP17B or HP19B, or any other hand-held calculator which is not text-programmable.

    A 'Windows' calculator is available on the computer screen while you are taking the exam.

  • I studied for the exam a long time ago - has the exam changed?

    Yes, there is a new version for all certifications as at November 2020, the previous version of the ACI Dealing Certificate was retired as at 31 March 2021.

  • Will I need any books other than the training material provided by your company?

    No, the material we provide is complete, including exercises and practice exams.

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