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ACI FX Global Code Certificate

About This Course

Part of the Global Markets & Treasury Collection

As part of the Global Markets and Treasury Collection , this certificate will enable participants to have both a thorough understanding of the principles as well as their application, to enable them to understand the expectations on them to promote integrity and effective functioning of the FX markets globally.

The Qualification is designed for:

These qualifications have become mandatory in many regions for wholesale foreign exchange and money market professionals..

  • Financial market participants across buy side, sell side and intermediary institutions as well as regulators and central banks

  • Middle office and operations personnel

  • Compliance and risk officers

Course curriculum

    1. Background to the FX Global Code

    2. Module 1 | Test your knowledge

    1. Principles 1 - 3

    2. Module 2 | Test your knowledge

    1. Principles 4 and 7

    2. Principles 5 and 6

    3. Module 3 | Test your knowledge

    1. Principles 8, 9 and 14

    2. Principles 10 and 11

    3. Principles 12 and 13

    4. Principles 15 and 16

    5. Principles 17 and 18

    6. Module 4 | Test your knowledge

    1. Principles 19 - 20

    2. Principles 21 -22

    3. Principle 23

    4. Module 5 | Test your knowledge

About this course

  • 42 lessons
  • 5.5 hours of video content

There are six core subject areas:

  • Introduction to the Global Code

    Understand what the Global Code is and how it was developed.
    Know and understand;
    The six leading principles of the Global Code;
    What type of market participants are impacted by the Global Code and
    What is the ‘statement of commitment’

  • Ethics

    Understand what is expected of them to exercise judgement to act ethically and professionally.

  • Governance

    Understand the appropriate governance structures that should be in place to promote and support the principles of the Global Code

  • Execution

    Understand what is expected to execute and negotiate transactions in a fair and transparent manner

  • Information Sharing

    Understand what is acceptable conduct when using any form of communication in the FX Market

  • Risk and Compliance

    Understand frameworks of risk management and compliance that assist in the prevention of risks associated with engagement in the FX Markets.

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Meet who you will learn with

Niel Le Roux

Course Director

Niel gained international exposure with Credit Suisse, initially in London and later New York and Singapore. He returned to South Africa in 2009 and joined ABSA Capital in Structured FX Sales, where he worked until 2012 when he founded his own financial services advisory firm. Neil is also a registered Dealer in the Equity and Currency Derivatives Markets on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange

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Social proof: testimonials

“The workshop instilled in me new and very important principles that will henceforth guide me in execution of my roles and responsibilities as an FX dealer while engaging any market participant. Niel was a star facilitator, I liked his deep knowledge of the course, the humor during the training, the 'poll' aid to engage me as a learner and the overall feel and look of his training. Good job, looking forward to more of your sessions.

Benson Wainaina: Dubia Islamic Bank Kenya

“Fantastic work! Continue to help the market participants to gain knowledge and learn more over throughout their careers.

Charandeep Singh Doad: I&M Bank

“Job well done in simplifying the material and conducting an interactive training.”

Betty Nzuki: Consolidated Bank

“I absolutely recommend the colleague to take up the workshop.”

Victor Maina: ABC The BAnk

FAQ about the ACI Exams

ACI Dealing Certificate, the ACI Operations Certificate, the ACI Diploma and the FX Gllobal Code Certificate.

  • Do I need to be a member of the ACI to take the exam?

    No, anyone may take the exam.

  • How do I become an ACI member?

    To join, please go to for more information.

  • Where can I take the exam?

    The exam is computerised. You can take it at any of the many testing centres around the world. If you need help finding a testing centre, please email us.

  • How much does the exam cost?

    The Dealing Certificate exam EUR 230 for ACI members and EUR 280 for Non-members

    The Diploma costs EUR 350

    The Operations Certificate EUR 230 for ACI members and EUR 280 for Non-members.

  • May I take a calculator to the exam?

    Yes you are allowed a calculator. Most 'normal' calculators are acceptable - choices range from Hewlett Packard HP12C, HP17B or HP19B, or any other hand-held calculator which is not text-programmable.

    A 'Windows' calculator is available on the computer screen while you are taking the exam.

  • I studied for the exam a long time ago - has the exam changed?

    Yes, there is a new version for all certifications as at November 2020, the previous version of the ACI Dealing Certificate was retired as at 31 March 2021.

  • Will I need any books other than the training material provided by your company?

    No, the material we provide is complete, including exercises and practice exams.

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